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Dear Friends
I was a boarder in Grove House 1946-53.We had Saturday morning school then! I should be interested to hear from anybody who remembers me - I was Shirley Bradbury, one of four Shirleys in our form. Chopped my name in half when I married , now S.Bury.
I visited the school in the summer and could hardly believe my eyes! Love the website. When I have learned how to do it would anybody be interested in some photos from my time at school?
Best wishes
Shirley B

e-mail address

Judy (Day) d'Albert


New See old Caistorian signatures here >>

Harvey Roberts here in South Africa.
Just wondered if there’s anyone there from 66-70 who I could get in touch with.
Bessie, Buttons, Chris Fidler, Lanky where are you all?
Also Charlotte, JF, Fred Mudd……..

Contact me at


My name is Neil Wilkin and I attended CGS from 1961 to 1967 following in the family tradition as my mother also attended (in the 1930s).  I used to walk every morning up Castle Hill to school - a daunting prospect.  I lived in Caistor at the time so did not board although I remember Grove House as the boarding house.  At this time there were no buildings on the terraces below the main school but in my last year building work on the swimming pool was coming on apace.  In fact one of my abiding memories is of being thrown fully clothed into the pool when it was first filled for testing - a dubious honour.I left CGS for a job in the Pathology Dept. of  Scunthorpe General Hospital (or War memorial Hospital as it was then) where I stayed until 1977 ending up in charge of Histopathology/Cytlogoy.  I then had an epiphany and decided to leave to join British Rail.  I am still there having worked my way through the Permanent Way, Utrasonics and Signalling.I am married these last 37 years to Shelagh and have two sons and a grandson and now live in Barnetby.

Best wishes to anyone who remembers me.

My e-mail address is

Neil Wilkin

Hi All
I'm Peter Gamble, a boarder from '64 - 69 with my brother Richard. After many many Primary schools all over the world , our folks got us into Caistor while they went off to Cyprus so that we at least would have a stab at a tidy education, how many others were "scaley brats" as boarders? seemed to be a few of us with our folks in the Services.  Richard was up at the Comp and I was at CGS. We started in the old boarding house Grove House, Mr Mudd was the housemaster ? and a gentleman from Bristol never without his pipe and a lisp , what was his name?  steel framed beds, flourescent orange bed blankets and carbolic soap. Were we really only allowed to watch TOTP during the week? Bare boards on the floors, a pear tree growing outside the window. A Matron who could lance a boil quicker than any surgeon. Laundry that came once a week, so stiff with starch you had to beat your vests against a wall to get them on. The dining room of pine lined roof, fighting to be the first to scrape the "butter" off the Stork margarine, big loaves of unsliced bread you cut yourself. The Girls !!!! seperate in their own house but at least they were there, how many did I fall in love with ? ............. all so beautiful. 
Saturday night Activities in the Old Hall where they taught you Scottish Dancing and you got to hold a girls hand ................ happy days.. . 
Every night we had Prep, compulsory homework sessions. The Teachers ...  Mr Mudd of course, Physics,  Mr Flunder ( was that really his name? ) we all helped dig out the Pool he was so keen on down in the old orchard, Deg the mad Chemist who could see through the back of his head. The Geog and History teachers who always wore their gowns and clouds of chalk dust followed them in the sunlight whenever they moved. 
I didn't do brilliantly,  bit of a clown really , still am really with a Circus Entertainment business and a post lecturing in Sports. Who was the PE teacher who finally dispaired of ever getting the fat little boy with glasses to hit , catch or kick a ball and said.... " See that thing down there..( pointing to an unnervingly heavy metal ball) " Pick it up and chuck it! and I did and it went surprisingly far and I had found my sports vocation in life , knowing what it did in transforming my life from mediocricy to at last some form of success, I've supported Sports Developmenty in all its forms ever since ... the ISRM made me a Fellow last year ... Me! who left CGS with 4 O'Levels, passes and one of them was in Woodwork.........  The very best to all current students, you've got a great school there. To all who remember me and Richard, Love and Peace. 

Hello everyone,
I was at CGS from 1953 to 1960. I have just discovered the alumni site and thought I would mention my recent visit to the school after a few of us from the 50s-60s got together for a lunchtime reunion at The Hope Tavern, Holton Le Moor whilst I was on a family visit to the UK.
The school visit was organised for us by Charlotte Linsell, and Pete Taylor gave very generously of his time to show us around. It was a most informative tour and I was very impressed with the school facilities which have been obtained in recent years, particularly, the technology and science facilities.The school seems to go from strength to strength academically and it is hard to believe we had to fight for its survival by marching in a blizzard to Lincoln more than 45 years ago!!
As some of you would know I emigrated to Australia in 1965 and have settled here in Sydney. Indeed have many other Old Caistorians seem to have done the same over the years, so maybe we could form an Australian chapter of the CGS Alumni. I would be delighted to hear from fellow students of my era at CGS. 
Best wishes
John Steel 

Hello everyone who just may remember myself, Glenda Taylor & my husband of 33 years, Paul Blackwell. This is a great site which I have just discovered[June 2006]- not being exactly au fait with web sites etc!  We have now been living in Australia for 22 years & have 3 fine sons- Matthew 27 & twins, Nathan & Sam,25. We receive the very welcome Old Caistorian from Charlotte every year for which we are extremely grateful.  We would love to hear from anyone from our year. Glenda Blackwell.

My name was Susan Lane when I attended the school. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I was there from 1959  to 1964. I would love to know where June Howden as she was called then is now.


Richard (Dick) Halliday, left CGS in 1962, now (Dec 2001) studying full time for a MSc in Health Economics at the University of York (and finding it hard going!). Will be very pleased to hear from any of my contemporaries at CGS- especially those who were boarders.

Hello from, David Hartley a boarder at CGS from 1961 to 1966. Food Safety and Occupational Health Manager in Local Government residing and working in Northamptonshire.Married with numerous children. Best wishes to all who I was at school with.



It's been a long time but I still keep in contact with many old Caistorians and have lost touch with many more.  
I was at Caistor between 1972 and 1977.
Anyone wanting to get in touch can do so on  (still living in the past with no land line or modern technology at home).
Jeanette Perch

David Parsons wrote: Graduated CGS 1976. Moved to a land over the hills and far far away. My e-mail is . Shout out to my old CGS pals Rob Turner and Steve Phillips. Look on Facebook. Its all the rage now you know. Good times, good memories. You gave me a great academic start for my future (which is now) thanks to all...

Hello from Claire Quint
I was a boarder at CGS from 73 to 80.  I keep meaning to come and revisit the school - from the Old Caistorian and from the website and from updates I hear, I imagine, I wouldn't recognise it now!  I know they say memory is selective and you tend to remember the good bits - but I have many fond memories of my time at Caistor and the friends I made. Keep up the alumni pages - they are such a good idea. 

Best wishes to all past and present


PA to Nigel Duncan
Fareham College

Hi, I was at CGS for 8 years from 1970 until 1977.
I think the idea of enabling former pupils to contact each other via the school web-site is an excellent one: I hope it catches on. I'd be really happy to catch up with news of (increasingly) old friends (including teachers!) from around the 1970 period.
my email address is:
please mail me!

Hi, I was a boarder in Lindsey House from 1972 to 1977. I have very fond memories of CGS (But that could be something to do with hitting the big 4 0H. Would love to here from any one who remembers me especially David Lee (Augie), Peter Wilson and Kevin Sherrat. If any one knows there whereabouts.All the best to both school and old Caistorians.

Paul Richardson

My name is Hamish Byrne and I went to Caistor Grammar back in the early seventies and left in July '77. My best friend at school was a lad called Matthew Woodcock, lived on a farm down the South Kelsey Road, which I cannot remember the address of, can you help? If you have an e-mail address or anything like that, I would be grateful.

I have just found the web site for Caistor Grammar School and have spent some time looking through it. Some pictures led to fond memories and some (like the visit of Lord Puttnam) made me realise how time is flying by. The article said that Lindsey House was refurbished, when I was at CGS it had only been recently built.
When I was at CGS I was Brigitte Jackson and attended between Sept 1967 and July 1972. I would love to get more information on the School, but will find this difficult as I now live in Australia. If you have any ideas on how to overcome this, or if you want any information about an Old Caistorian please contact me on

Thank you and please accept my Best Wishes to all at CGS for 2003.
Brigitte Carlin (nee Jackson).

I was at CGS for 7 years from 1971. I have very fond memories of those years and keep in touch with a few school friends. I am now living near Taunton and run a small accountancy practice from home. My two daughters have now started at secondary school. It is all very different from cgs in 1971; a comprehensive with over a thousand up to year 11. I would be delighted to hear from any old friends. Best wishes Stephen Phillips and my email address is


I was at Caistor Grammar from 1988 - 1993.
I loved my years at CGS and remember with fondness the ski trips, Holland hockey tours and winning lots of Cros Country races! I went on to university to do a BEd in Primary Education and have taught in Grimsby, Newcastle, Somerset and now I move to Dubai to teach at Repton School (linked to Repton School in Derbyshire)
I have friends who are thinking of sending their children to CGS and they sent all their questions my way.  I had nothing but great things to say!  It is nice to see the school going from strength to strength.  Congratulations!
Sarah Hawkins nee Wilkinson.

Hello, my name is Rob Plaskitt and I went to Caistor Grammar from 1979 to 1986. I am married to Lena, and we have 2 kids, Adam 8 and Ellen 6. Now living in Sheffield, working as an engineer predicting how cracks grow in metals, and hiking/biking/climbing in the Peak District whenever I can. 
I was prompted to visit the CGS website after meeting several old class mates, Mr Fowler and Mr Taylor at a recent 40th birthday party. It was the first time I had seen some of them for over 20 years, and now their kids were at CGS. It was an excellent evening and brought back lots of good memories. 
I noticed that there are several references to the Great North Run on the alumni page. I am the same, never a runner at CGS, but this year will be GNR number 7! It is strangely addictive and is far better motivating and cheaper than joining a gym. 
Best wishes, Rob Plaskitt (rob.sites @ 18-Jan-2007 

Dear CGS and Alumni
I was a boarder at CGS from 1976 to 1983. I'll never forget my first night in the 8-dorm in Casterby House - I thought I'd never survive 7 years!
I have many many fond memories of school and boarding days, teachers and events. My daughters love to hear stories about the teachers (Mr. Frazer, Mr. Hibbert, Al McKinnel, Mr. Crossly the boarding master, Mrs. Swindon, Mrs. Linsell and, of course, Mr. Fowler - "now Maybel, you young whipper-snapper"!), about all the antics we got up to as boarders in the evenings and at weekends, and about how strict the rules were back then (social services on Saturday mornings, Church on Sunday, etc). After leaving Caistor, I studied German and Politics in Kingston-on-Thames and then went to Switzerland, where I met my husband and settled down. I've worked for the Swiss Civil Service now for sixteen years and am currently a German translator for the Police Department. I haven't been back to Caistor in over 20 years, but will definitely be doing a trip to see the old school (which I probably won't recognise anymore) sometime in the future with my children. I see from all the reports that CGS has maintained a very high standard of education over the years - congratulations and keep up the good work. Would like to be informed about any reunions that may be taking place.
Best wishes to all.
Allison Masciadri-Waugh

I was a boarder at CGS from 1984 – 1988 mostly at Lyndsey House, but partially at (the house near the gate).The teaching was fantastic. At my previous school ( a comprehensive ) I literally couldn’t here myself think and was in remedial classes in some subjects and certainly in near bottom classes for everything.  I worked harder at Caistor and the teaching of Science and modern foreign languages supported me really well.

I trained to be a teacher and during that year started doing hospital radio. I quickly got a like the idea of having a live audience and moved to London where I (semi professionally worked as a stand up comedian for 5/6 years. I met , Jo , my wife and life became a lot less funny and I gave up the comedy and started a teaching agency – now a reasonably good business.

As I say there was good teaching at Caistor – but also Mr Foulkes had some wise words – some I’ve not forgotten so far. May the force be with you Caistorians

Rick Smallwood (alias tricky dicky)

Hi, my name's Louise Williams - was Louise Gibson whilst at CGS - which was from 1976 to 1981.  After making the boarding housemaster's lives a misery, I left in 1981 to do sixth form at a day school (which I bitterly regretted!).  After a year at Lincoln college (law/economics) I moved to London to seek my fortune!. To cut a long story short - 2 divorces and 20 years later I'm now living in Plymouth, Devon and working as a Financial Consultant.

Would love to hear from anyone who was at CGS the same time as me -

Best wishes


Hello there CGS!I was a pupil at CGS from 1973 to 1980.  I just found your webpage (although I have received the Mag since I left) - what a great idea.  Great website too! Please add my email address in case anyone should like to contact me - especially those who I've lost touch with because I've lost their addresses!  I try to keep up with what goes on at CGS - and it all sounds excellent!   I left in 1980 and went to the Constance Spry School of Floristry prior to running one of the family florists.  I left when we sold the shops and I started making babies instead!  I re-trained in the 1990's and went to work for the NHS in Lincoln.  This year I have moved to Hampshire with my new fiance and our wedding is planned for next April.  I currently work as PA to the Vice Principal at Fareham FE College.My 'babies', Hannah and Katie are now 20 and 19 and currently studying at Lincoln College, Oxford (reading PPE) and Warwick (reading History of Art) respectively.Best Wishes Claire J Quincey (nee Baker, soon to be Quint!)

Attended CGS from 1984 - 1988 and then moved to Germany as my parents were in the RAF. Returned to England in 1990 and completed A levels and degree studies. Currently employed by the Home Office based in Sheffield. Just thought i would leave my details in case anyone remembered me. Good to see the place is still going strong. All the best.

Sean Miller

I was a pupil at CGS from 1982 - 1989. Having received a prompt from '', I have just found the school's web pages. It certainly looks as though the school has gone from strength to strength in the 13 years since I left. It seems amazing that so much time has passed. Having left CGS with the A-levels I needed, I entered medical school at the University of Sheffield, from where I graduated with honours and distinction in 1994. I am now Director of Studies for phase 1 of the undergraduate medical course in Sheffield, and so have overall responsibility for the delivery of the first 2 years of our course (I am the youngest person to hold this post in at least the last 20 years). I also run a highly successful internationally acclaimed post-graduate course on the autopsy, have published a textbook on autopsy practice and am the Assistant Editor for the ACP News (the broadsheet for the Association of Clinical Pathologists).

Dr Julian L. Burton, MBChB (Hons), MEd, ILTM.

I was at CGS 1977 to 19983/4
Robert Jebb.

Enjoyed 5 years @CGS 1977 to 1982.
Mike Hotchkin.

Mike Hotchin

Hi Folks
Still a nurse and still in Florida.
Now have 3 kids and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Class of 1984
e-mail me at this new address


Recently got married, Helen Bradbury, new name is Helen McShane. Now living in London, left CGS 1998.

Hello anyone from CGS that I know/knew etc. Anyone remember me? Paul Benson? Working in London now so if anyone from the year that joined CGS in 1993 fancy meeting up for a quick pint in the Big Smoke my email address is

Ta ta for now.

Paul Benson

Just a little note to say hello to anyone else who was at CGS with me, I started back in 1993 (flippin' eck was it that long ago?) and left in 1998 after the fifth . It's Briony Cadwallader here. I'm based in Lincs over the summer as I am relocating to Manchester in September to train as a Midwife.
After my GCSE's at Caistor I went to John Leggott in Scunthorpe which was good fun and then had a Gap Year working for PGL Adventure in France (It's a repeat after me song, what is it?) before going to the University College for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey (though it wasn't called that when I was there) and studied photography. Had a fab time then moved up to Leeds after graduation (because everything is far too expensive that close toLondon). Leaving Leeds next week and moving to Manchester in September as I had a career crisis last year and realised I had to rethink what I was doing. It would be great to hear from anyone in the area over the summer as I have no plans at all- except to train for the Great North Run that I am doing in October. Don't ask me why, I really don't know! So drop me a line if you're around, my email is
Take care,


Friends old and new"

Quick update on what’s happened to me since leaving Caistor in 1995. I went on to study Engineering at Oxford University and subsequently joined the Royal Navy as a Submarine Weapons Engineering Officer. Currently based in the Bath/Bristol area if anyone I used to know is in the area then drop me a line at

Chris Bland

Great Website! Nice to look back at CGS now that I'm so far from home! I now live in the US, California.

I left CGS in 1998 to go live in Damascus, Syria after spending 2 years at CGS doing my A' Levels! It would be great to get back in touch with some of the people in the upper and lower sixth of that time. Hard to keep in touch with people when you live overseas.

Lucy Fay Stortors (nee Perry)


Or maybe the better greeting would be ni hao, in the traditional Chinese way. I just wanted to make good on a promise that many of us made when we finished our A-Levels in 1998, and tell the school of my progress since leaving CGS....

I went to the University of Central Lancashire to read an MPhys in Astrophysics (a four year course), and graduated with a 2:2 honours degree. After a few months of job searching, I am now in Harbin, China (NE corner) teaching A-Level Mathematics and Physics at Harbin Star Foreign Language College. China is a beautiful place, and with the new campus recently built by the college, is also a place of many challenges, the least of all being responsible for equipping the (what was) empty laboratory with equipment to do Physics experiments. Hence the greeting ni hao...

I would like to take this opportunity to say thankyou to all the staff at CGS who have given me an excellent background in not only academia, but life in general, and who have worked hard to make me the well-rounded individual I hope I have become.

I would also like to leave you with my email address in the event that anyone would like to get in touch with me, in particular anyone from the same year as me.

Many thanks,

Colin Hepton.

Dear Friends at CGS,

I was just browsing the website and came across the section for Alumni. It was great to hear from one of my form mates in the Z form for 5 years, Colin Hepton. So I thought I'd write a little myself, in case anyone might want to get in touch/ be vaguely interested!I attended CGS from 1991 until 1996, when I left to attend Chetham's School of Music in Manchester. Whilst my time at Chets. was great in many ways, I did miss being part of the sixth form at Caistor - it sounds like everyone had an amazing couple of years.After leaving school, I took a year out, before taking a BA Hons in English and Music at Birmingham Uni, which I gained in 2002. After this, I decided to take a PGCE in English with Drama at York Uni, and am now in my second year of teaching English at Solihull School. I am still hoping to go to Music College in a year or two to do a postgraduate course.Why, I hear you exclaim, am I stuck in Birmingham?! Well, during my amazing three years of Uni here, I met my husband - we married last July at Grimsby Baptist Church, and are currently enjoying domestic bliss. One thing that teaching has taught me, in all the many schools I have visited/ taught in during training, and visits, is that CGS is one-in-a-million. I returned in December of my PGCE year, convinced that my memories couldn't be accurate, and that I must have rose-coloured glasses, and eager to see things from the 'staff room' side. But what I found was exactly what I remembered - a fabulous ethos of care and an eagerness to learn. I was gutted to see the post of Teacher of English advertised recently - if only I could move back 'up north'!If anyone would like to contact me, my address is - I'd love to hear from you, and hope all at CGS and beyond are well and happy.

Best Wishes,
Becki Lockyer (nee Campbell)


Errm.. Okay here's my little note.Hi to everyone who knows me, if anyone is in and around the Bath/Bristol area then give me a hoot on the e-mail. Since leaving Caistor I went to sunny and hilly Bath to become an aeronautical engineer. Have a nice day, sv
(numero uno on this list).
Sanj Varah

Hello all from Sophie and Alex

Alex and Sophie

Angela Osgerby
Hi I left Caistor Grammar in 2001 I'm now in Norwich School of Art and Design studying Graphic Design anyone who knows me get in touch email me!

Dear All, Hope this finds everyone at CGS healthy and happy!  Just thought I'd let you know what I am up to... This year I will be participating in the Great North Run as part of Marie Curie Cancer Care's Daffodil team. After coming last in cross country for many years I am training hard for this challenge! It would be brilliant to hear from anybody who feels able to support my fundraising for this wonderful charity. You can contact me on the email address above, or through my web page:  All the very best, 


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